Old time genuine places...
Atmospheres out of the time...
Details that tell a story...
Surrounded by the warm of the past...
Borgo Pianetto is waiting for you.

Accomodation in Borgo Pianetto

BORGO PIANETTO 27 Sincerely out of the time.

I t was the home of my grandfather's grandparents and it is the house where my father was born.
Afterwards it was Aunt Ada's house. She used to hang my Christmas stocking on the fireplace, which was always lit and seemed so big to from a child's prospective. When my aunt went to live with her daughter we decided to renovate and redecorate these places that we are so emotionally attached to. The results are three small apartments and we have tried to keep the signs of time and the people who lived there before alive. .
We have added some comforts, without modifying the atmosphere and the old fashionedness. All the accomodation is completely independent with private bathrooms and furnished kitchens, you can decide to spend only one night here or you can take part in the life of Borgo Pianetto and try to cook some local receipes revealed by the women of the village - of course, each of them will be convinced that her recipe is the best!

Our accomodation

  • Indipendent accomodations
  • Private bathrooms
  • Furnished kitchen
  • TV

Borgo Pianetto

We are situated near Forlì and Cesena which is not far from Arezzo, in the area between Romagna and Tuscany, where the road becomes more winding as you climb up into the mountatins... continue